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Hodgkin-Huxley models and Markov equivalents

Hodgkin & Huxley did some incredible work in the 1930s-50s on ion currents flowing through biological membranes. Despite not knowing what an ion channel was, they managed to work out an incredibly accurate predictive mathematical model for the currents that … Continue reading

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Three potassium channel modelling papers

Just a quick note to tell you about our latest batch of papers in the “Heart By Numbers” special issue of Biophysical Journal which arose from a meeting in Berlin last year. They are all about IKr, the rapid-delayed rectifying … Continue reading

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Short and rich voltage-clamp protocols

This is a quick post to tell you all about Kylie’s new paper on sinusoidal-wave based voltage clamp protocols that has been published in the Journal of Physiology, and there’s an associated commentary from Ele Grandi. In the paper, some … Continue reading

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Uncertainty quantification for ion channel screening and risk prediction

This post accompanies our new paper in Wellcome Open Research. Regular readers of this blog will know that I worry about uncertainty in the numbers we are using to model drug action on electrophysiology quite a lot – see our … Continue reading

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A vision of the future

Jonathan Cooper and I have been working on a system for describing the simulation you would like to perform with a model*, in a way that is flexible enough to recreate the majority of possible experiments and post-processing, and machine-readable … Continue reading

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Action potential durations and QT intervals

Here’s an interesting little result that is thanks to Kylie. She found it whilst doing the work for her paper on prediction of drug compound effects at the tissue scale using data on multiple ion channel block. But we didn’t … Continue reading

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