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Job Available: Research Software Engineer

Edit: please note the deadline for applications has now passed. Here’s a great opportunity to join our team at the University of Nottingham on a 5 year Research Software Engineering (RSE) position: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/jobs/currentvacancies/ref/IS046219 The deadline for applications is 3rd March … Continue reading

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Numerical errors from ODE solvers can mess up optimisation and inference very easily

(Subtitle: “when you’ve got a lot of data points!”) This post is for people interested in doing optimisation or inference with Differential Equation (DE) models. If you are a statistician, you might be used to treating model simulators as black … Continue reading

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Ablation, scars and insights from parameter lumping

This is quite a long post elaborating on a bit of work I’ve been doing with Greg Morley and his group, which was published in Scientific Reports. I hope it provides an accessible introduction to a fairly complicated set of experiments … Continue reading

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In-silico Action Potential Prediction Web Portal

This post is to announce that we are making our in-silico action potential prediction web portal (AP-predict) available for public use. The portal is free, you just need to register for an account. We’d be happy to have any feedback on … Continue reading

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Quick and easy meshing…

I have never come across any (free) 3D meshing software that is really quick and easy to use that creates reliable tetrahedral meshes. If you have, then please let me know in the comments! DistMesh The nearest thing I have … Continue reading

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