Job Available: Research Software Engineer

Edit: please note the deadline for applications has now passed.

Here’s a great opportunity to join our team at the University of Nottingham on a 5 year Research Software Engineering (RSE) position:
The deadline for applications is 3rd March 2019.

People might not be too familiar with the concept of an ‘RSE’: UK funders and universities have recognised recently, and formally, that there needs to be a career path for people specialising in software engineering for research codes – see the UK RSE homepage for more info. So if you really enjoy the coding aspect of your research it might be the job for you! I am looking for someone with a PhD involving any aspect of computational research who still wants to be involved in doing cutting edge research and publishing, whilst focussing on professional levels of software development to underpin our research and its application to real world problems. You will be working closely with a team of post-doctoral researchers in our group in the Centre for Mathematical Medicine & Biology within Mathematical Sciences for 80% of your time, along with industrial collaborators and experimental academic groups. This is a unique arrangement with your job based in the university’s Digital Research Team so that you can continue to learn software skills there for the remaining 20% of your time. At the end of the 5 years your role will turn into a permanent job within the university’s RSE group.

Some of the software you’ll be involved in developing includes:

  • Chaste – our C++ cardiac electrophysiology simulator, the back-end simulation engine for a lot of our work.
  • libcellml – the API for the CellML markup language, giving access to hundreds of electrophysiology models in a standardised format.
  • The Cardiac Electrophysiology Web Lab – a web-based platform for documenting and reproducing the behaviour of models in different experimental simulations, comparing against experimental data, and documenting the process of deriving a model from data.
  • PINTS – probabilistic inference for noisy time series (python). Our main optimisation/inference software that forms the statistical back end for the Web Lab.
  • ApPortal – a web portal for safety pharmacology that provides a user-friendly interface to a Chaste-based simulator to run simulations, store and view their results.

Please don’t be put off if you don’t know all those languages and things inside out now, we are looking for someone who can learn them and has enthusiasm for open source software in research. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about the job.

There are some other jobs being advertised in Nottingham’s Digital Research Team that you might like to have a look at too!

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