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Hodgkin-Huxley models and Markov equivalents

Hodgkin & Huxley did some incredible work in the 1930s-50s on ion currents flowing through biological membranes. Despite not knowing what an ion channel was, they managed to work out an incredibly accurate predictive mathematical model for the currents that … Continue reading

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Is your model really ‘comprehensive’?

I’ve noticed more and more papers using the phrase “comprehensive model”. This phrase grates every time, and this post is about why. I thought this might just be me getting old and grumpy, so I plotted the mentions of the … Continue reading

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Hypotheses on hypotheses on …

(Subtitle: building on foundations of unknown shakiness?) In a lot of fields, a new mathematical model is constructed for each problem, and the model is an encoding of the quantitative rules of the hypothesis you are testing. The model is … Continue reading

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On the importance of curating models

Most cardiac action potential models are published in a machine-readable markup language called CellML. This is a very good thing, because it unambiguously describes the system of equations that makes up the model, allows people to exchange and use them … Continue reading

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