2021 CiPA in-silico Modelling Workshop

On Wednesday 10th November 2021 we will be holding an online workshop dedicated to the in-silico modelling aspects of the Comprehensive in-vitro Pro-arrhythmia Assay (CiPA). As in Toronto 2017, this will be a Satellite Meeting to Cardiac Physiome 2021.

If you aren’t familiar with this effort, CiPA is an attempt to replace the pre-existing electrocardiogram QT interval-based clinical pro-arrhythmic safety assessment of potential new drugs (because this is late in drug development, expensive and not specific – returns many false positives). The new CiPA risk assessment will “not [be] measured exclusively by potency of hERG block and not at all by QT prolongation” and a cornerstone of this is a mathematical model-based assessment of pro-arrhythmic risk based on ion channel screening. Here is a link to a briefing document we put together for our 2017 meeting, you can also click here to see a summary and PDFs of the talks that were given there.

The aims of the meeting are:

  • To inform the cardiac modelling community about progress within the CiPA initiative.
  • For the FDA modelling team to get feedback on their work to date.
  • To draw attention to other new academic or industrial research in the area.
  • To discuss the next steps for CiPA’s modelling efforts.
  • To spark more research and collaborations in this area.

This will be an online meeting for the international community. To make it accessible across time zones, most of the talks will be pre-recorded and available to view in advance – with live questions and discussion on 10th November.

We are now accepting registration (which is free) and abstract submissions for these pre-recorded talks. Abstract titles can be up to 300 characters and the abstract itself can be up to 2500 characters (including spaces), but these are just limits set by the registration form – feel free to make them much shorter! We will select 10-15 abstracts for 20 minute talks, that attendees will view in advance.

For any abstracts we can’t accommodate, we will streamline submission of these into posters for the main Cardiac Physiome meeting poster sessions (you just have to tick the box if you’d like to take this option on the submission site).


Abstract submission for talks is open now, and the deadline is 16th August 2021. Free registration for the meeting is open now and will continue to be available until 30th October 2021.

Please note you will also be automatically signed up to the main Cardiac Physiome meeting on 11-12th Nov too, but this is also free and hopefully interesting. In particular industry scientists might also wish to attend two other Cardiac Physiome satellite sessions on ‘Cardiac Modelling in Pharma: Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP)/Quantitative Systems Toxicology (QST)‘ and ‘Industry Software/Computational Methodologies‘.

We hope as many people as possible can get involved and submit abstracts, please pass on this invitation to anyone who might be interested.

Hope to see lots of you there,

Gary Mirams (University of Nottingham)
Zhihua Li (FDA)

on behalf of the
CiPA Steering Committee

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