A report on the Toronto CiPA in-silico modelling workshop

This is a long-awaited follow-up to this post advertising the workshop. Apologies it has taken so long, the fact I wanted to write something about the next meeting, which we just had, reminded me I never posted all these talks.

On the 9th November 2017 the CiPA in-silico Working Group hosted a meeting in Toronto General Hospital that the Cardiac Physiome meeting kindly let us run as a satellite meeting – a big thanks to them for organising the logistics of room booking etc.

The in-silico aspects of CiPA are led by the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. You might find the background document that we put together useful if you haven’t heard of CiPA. I’ve also written a post on the idea before. The FDA team let me organise this long half day with the following aims:

  • To inform the cardiac modelling community about the CiPA initiative.
  • To get feedback on the FDA’s work to date.
  • To draw attention to other research in the area they might not have been familiar with.
  • To discuss the next steps.
  • To spark more research and collaborations in this area.

It was a fascinating and thought provoking day, plenty of work for us to do, as you’ll see on my summing up slides at the end of the day. Here are links to all the talks, that you can also find in a Figshare Collection.





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